Hello imToken Fam 🎉,

Now, using imToken on Feee.io for energy rental allows you to enjoy zero transaction fees. Limited to 500 slots daily – first come, first served! Once the quota exceeds 500, the energy rental fee will adjust to 3.76 TRX (Save up to 89% in transaction fees

🚗How to: Switch to the TRON wallet within the imToken App, click “Rent” to enter Feee.io, and click “Get Energy” to participate.

⏰ Event Period: 2024/01/18 2:30 PM - 02/18 00:00 AM (SGT)

💪🏻 Details:

  • Each wallet address can claim energy once daily, the claimed energy is valid for 10 minutes.
    Transactions within the valid time are fee-free. However, the claimed energy will expire upon timeout.
  • According to the TRON transfer mechanism, if the recipient address has no USDT, a 50% fee applies.
  • Each wallet address can claim a maximum of 15 times per month.
  • The activity is only open to imToken users

👉 Check the detailed tutorial for energy rental.

If you have any questions, please contact us through “Support and Feedback” within the imToken App.