imToken is turning 8! 🎉🎉🎉

From 2016 to 2024, imToken has been witnessing the ups and downs of the crypto industry alongside all of you. We express our gratitude to every user for their support and companionship, enabling us to keep moving forward.

Building a Token-Centric World

In 2018, imToken embraced the ethos of open source, infusing fresh energy into the crypto industry with its TokenCore code. However, as the ecosystem continues to evolve, simply patching up old code is no longer the optimal choice. We're committed to embracing innovative solutions that propel us forward in this ever-changing landscape.

As the crypto industry rapidly evolves, wallet products need to meet a wider range of needs. We believe the ultimate state of an ideal wallet should be:

  • A shield for users and their families: protecting tokens from compromise, data leaks, and identity tracking.
  • Helping users access the tokenized world with low cost and low threshold: permissionless accounts, affordable hardware, and user-friendly interfaces.

Looking ahead, we are steadfast in our belief that "a Token-Centric World" is the best way to achieve this vision. Tokens are changing the way we innovate, share, and interact, whether it's in transfers, payments, NFTs, staking, governance, or in the realms of DeFi and DID. We keenly perceive the profound impact of this paradigm shift.

A New Beginning: imToken 2.15

Driven by the concept of "a Token-Centric World," we've dedicated ourselves to crafting imToken 2.15, introducing a revolutionary architecture and design.

The flat account system not only enhances flexibility in accommodating diverse account types but also establishes the groundwork for token-centric product design, heralding a fresh beginning.

In line with this transformative journey, we've designed a new brand centered around tokens, unveiling it to commemorate our 8th anniversary, symbolizing a pivotal milestone in our evolution.

imToken 8th Anniversary

More importantly, we have prepared a wealth of surprises and airdrop events, and we sincerely invite you to join us in celebrating imToken's 8th birthday!

Join the 8th Anniversary Event now: https://token.im/anniversary8

imToken Team