1. What is the safest place to keep crypto?  

For small amounts of cryptocurrencies, you can use software wallets, such as imToken and MetaMask. For large amounts of cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend you to use hardware wallets such as imKey, Ledger, etc.

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2. Should I keep my crypto in a cold wallet?

Cold wallets are one of the most secure tools for storing digital tokens because they are created without internet connection to eliminate cyber threats, making the tokens in wallets more secure. We recommend you to use wallets such as imToken, imKey and Ledger to keep your crypto.

3. Can you swap USDT for cash?

imToken does not support this services. If you want to swap USDT for cash, please transfer USDT from imToken to platforms where you can swap crypto for fiat, such as Binance and OKX.

4. How can you tell if a coin is ERC20? 

imToken supports users to manage their ERC20 tokens in ETH wallets. And you can tell whether a coin is ERC20 or not by entering its contract address in Etherscan and checking out its token standard in “Overview”.

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5. What is TRC20 wallet address? 

TRC20 is a token standard on the TRON network and the TRX wallet address is also the TRC20 wallet address. You can use the TRX wallet in imToken to manage TRC20 tokens.

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