One Identity, Multiple Blockchain Accounts

No extra wallet apps needed, no hassle

cold wallet

Cold Wallet, offline signature

Offline signing eliminates the risk of private key theft over the internet.

Use an old mobile phone as the secure storage of your private key. Smoothly broadcast transactions online using your smartphone.

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Digital identity system

Authenticate DApps and sign transactions, directly from your app browser.

Manage your friend connections via the decentralized address book, securely stored on IPFS.

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Multi-chain wallets

Manage multiple-chain wallets with one Mnemonic passphrase.

Experience one consistent payment experience, despite the differences between blockchains.

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  • ETH


    Supports ETH and ERC 20 tokens

  • bitcoin


    Supports HD Wallet and SegWit

  • EOS


    Supports EOS and EOS tokens, Resource Management, and Stake Vote



    Support ATOM, as well as COSMOS staking and proposal voting

  • more chains


    Continual exploration of possibilities for future development


Token Management

Hassle-free add, send and receive tokens via QR codes.

One-click token search and management blockchain assets.

Simplified experience, safer transaction


The Ethereum Name Service enalbes short, easy-to-read addresses, like imtoken.eth;

Conveniently send tokens to ENS addresses, register and operate your personal ENS address in the ENS DApp.

Address book

Enables selective storage of your friend’s wallet addresses through convenient transactional logistics.

Encrypted backup synchronization to IPFS. Instant access without third-parties stealing your data.

Transaction Record

Comprehensive transaction information, keeping track of transaction status at any time;

Input transaction memos for easy references.