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imToken's Diversified Account System

In the Alipay ecosystem, users' Alipay wallet accounts are intricately linked to diverse financial sub-accounts, including balance accounts, Yu'ebao accounts, Huabei accounts, and bank card accounts. These components collectively form the user's comprehensive Alipay wallet system, typically bound to the user's mobile phone number or email account.

Similarly, leveraging decentralized blockchain technology, imToken has established a wallet system that allows users to create multiple token accounts using self-owned mnemonic phrases. These accounts extend across various blockchain networks such as BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), TRX (Tron), Arbitrum, and more.

A set of mnemonic phrases corresponds to a single wallet, within which multiple accounts can be created.

Unlike Alipay, where each account is directly linked to personal identity information, and thus each user typically has only one Alipay wallet, imToken operates on decentralized principles. It doesn't rely on personal information but rather on mnemonic phrases. Therefore, users can create multiple wallets on various blockchain networks as needed and manage multiple accounts within each wallet.

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Blockchain Networks and Accounts

Various cryptocurrencies operate on distinct blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, and others. Each network boasts unique value transfer logic and information processing mechanisms.

In imToken, blockchain networks are categorized into Layer 1, Layer 2, EVM-compatible chains, and custom chains. To add multiple blockchain network accounts like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON to a single wallet, users simply check the corresponding networks on the account adding page.

Note: Previously, imToken integrated Layer 2 and EVM-compatible chains within the ETH account framework, enabling users to access accounts like Optimism and Polygon through switching networks. In the latest version 2.15.1, imToken removes the account hierarchy, presenting Laye r2 and EVM-compatible chains alongside Ethereum for direct access, thereby enhancing operational intuitiveness and efficiency.

Account Addition and Derivation

Users can add multiple accounts from different networks within a single wallet using a set of mnemonic phrases. Additionally, they can derive multiple independent accounts within the same network, similar to how Alipay users can link multiple ICBC debit cards.

By default, imToken generates only one account for each selected network on the account adding page. To create additional accounts within the same network, users can access the advanced feature by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner of the network icon. From there, they can proceed with address derivation.

Each account has a corresponding derivation path, acting as a "map" that, when followed using a mnemonic phrase, leads to the corresponding account and address.

Account Tagging and Management

imToken supports the creation of up to 100 accounts, offering users the flexibility to add or remove accounts and assign custom tags to them. Similar to the tagging feature in WeChat contacts, imToken allows users to customize tags for each account, facilitating efficient management.

For instance, consider Bob, who manages a total of 10 accounts in imToken for various blockchain interactions:

  • 2 accounts for daily transfers on the Ethereum network
  • 5 accounts for interacting with DApps on the Arbitrum network
  • 8 accounts for interacting with new projects expecting airdrops

By tagging these accounts based on their respective purposes, Bob can quickly filter and locate the desired accounts for specific tasks.

Here's how it works:

1. On the wallet page, navigate to " > " and then select "Tag" to customize settings.

2. Return to the wallet page, click on the top-left corner to open the "Select Account" page, and enter the relevant tag name in the search box. The system promptly filters and displays all accounts with that tag.


In summary, imToken provides a secure, flexible, and practical account management solution. Users can freely create and manage multiple accounts using mnemonic phrases, not only across different networks within a single wallet but also generating multiple independent accounts within the same network. With the custom tag feature, users can effectively organize and streamline their accounts, ensuring efficient management.